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Some of us enjoy using video to learn.  I for one, do.  But, I also feel that sometimes I just want to view the shortest video of how to achieve something relevant to what I am learning about.

My learning path is blended: Read, watch videos, code, debug, deploy. Any combination is valid. I want the source code of the training module to be tested and working so I can refer to it, try it out and occasionally copy/paste some of it into my own code.

To help achieve that, all of our YouTube videos will come with chapter bookmarks so you can choose what to watch and only that if you like. We are expecting to organize learning paths around these chapters so you can follow the video demonstrations and then reproduce them yourself.

This is how our ‘learn by doing’ methodology is reinforced.

Read the overviews, go watch some video chapters and then go to your setup and get it going.

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