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We’re On a Journey

Our evolution now takes us to a more thoughtful place where we can self-learn, share widely and enact change in the world.  It comes down to observations, analysis and ultimately insights which we are compelled to share. Amateur Data Science is our pursuit. Open insights and knowledge sharing, our goals.

The importance of open source data

So much data has been freely published to the web. Open source data is ubiquitous, but often fragmented. That is the challenge.  Get the data, clean it up and learn everything you need to from it. Then share. The knowledge derived from open source data may be extracted much easier and faster than ever before. Tools and knowhow are widely available and shared with a minimal amount of higher math or computer systems knowledge to use.


Can you or I do this?  Sure. Some diligence and clarity become the basis for succeeding in what I call  ‘Amateur Data Science’ pursuits.
The intent here is to enable self-discovery and enhancement of latent data science skills. If you are curious but overwhelmed by the technology or tools, we can simplify your learning paths by example.


I wouldn’t call myself a formally-trained Data Scientist but like amateur radio enthusiasts of the 20th century, our ranks as amateurs are rapidly growing in earnest in the 21st.
What we can do is look closely at the journey I have taken, some of my own experiments and findings plus tools and methods gathered along the way.


We’ve broken down the journey into 5 tracks:
  • T1: Getting setup with Python
  • T2: Dealing with data
  • T3: Visualization
  • T4: Analysis
  • T5: Machine-Learning
These are the five main disciplines that we found necessary to execute even some of the simplest projects in ADS.  (Amateur Data Science). We may not go deep on all aspects but we will drill into those that accelerate your efforts and play well together.

Looking Forward

The plan is to share what I picked up since embarking on a quest to learn data science. There were a lot of new tools and techniques that I needed to familiarize myself with that could not be skipped.  This took me longer than it should take you since I will share my shortcuts and learnings rather than suggest you go through all of my meanderings.

This is being done in a community mode rather than instructor-student. Instead, consider this an ecosystem of like-minded people with technical inclination who have come to realize that Moocs and online universities may have taken the internet by storm but we learn by doing, sharing and continually adjusting our learning paths. That way we can reach a level of working-knowledge that produces practicable and repeatable results.

We’ve already setup a discord server with multiple channels to enable deeper interaction on topics that are not covered in this course.

Discord Server for ThoughtSociety

Welcome, and I hope you plan to gain and share knowledge and form new alliances with like-minded people in this group.

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