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We are a multidisciplinary community of inspired individuals who like to think deeply about stuff and want to share ideas with others. We also love great food. Monthly discussion meetings take place in small groups over dinner and drinks.

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How we work:

We manifest the old joke: "A biologist, a computer scientist and a physicist walk into a bar ... "

Each month you can opt-in to participate in a dinner discussion meeting in a small group setting (6-8 people) in the pleasant context of a home-cooked dinner, prepared by one of the society members. There is no membership fee, but you are expected to reimburse the host for groceries.

Each meeting, three people take on crucial roles:

Host: invites the group to their home and makes food.

Moderator: defines and introduces a topic. After dinner, we discuss. Topics can be chosen democratically.

Scribe: after the meeting writes a small abstract to summarize and communicate what we learned.

Sample considerations:

You can sign up for an upcoming meeting or the newsletter. We will let you know once per month about upcoming meeting dates. There are no obligations attached and your data will never be shared with third parties.

Good to know: The Thought Society is built on the proven concept of the Louis Bonaparte Society, which convened in Utrecht between 2012 and 2017.